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Welcome to Metageny LLC


Our efforts consist of conducting research into practical approaches to change in behavior through reasoned arguments. Our efforts also include exploration into multi-discipline, cross-functional solutions to complex problems. Additionally, we are focussed on direct applications of issues to common daily habits and approaches.

We are seeking partners that find application of these principles to their own field of interest and knowledge base. We are also seeking partners who are willing to take extremely small steps but with incredibly unique emphasis. Our philosophy is to quietly experiment with planting seeds of ideas and actions, building upon those that seem to quickly take root.

Principle mode of business alignment with identified associated partners is through establishing a memorandum of understanding. Interested parties are encouraged to propose projects with plans for resourcing and managing prospective approaches. Past projects include grass roots coordination, preventative health initiatives, scientific biosystems research.

If you are interested in receiving periodic emails about the efforts of Metageny LLC and to uncover opportunities for investment through dialogue, please contact us at the email below. Inquiries welcome.





Research Topic I
Behavior change is the king of topics in our current world situation. It impacts the smallest to the greatest. The vocabulary now exists to confront the complexities of this budding field.

Research Topic II
Insufficient evidence exists for a variety of substances that may have positive or negative impacts upon human health; e.g. BPA in plastics and raw food in the diet. How does one make a decision about choices when "more studies are required" is all that science can muster?

Research Topic III
The transition from parochial schizm to holistic healing is vast. Inostensible effects nevertheless contribute to the outcomes of many people. Must we measure healing or do we just bring it abut and ask questions later?