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Getting the numbers right

There is a difference between a 501c3 and a 501c4 organization. A 501c3 exists as a warehouse for tax-exempt monies to be put to use for the public good. (If you aren't familiar with this concept, then look it up in Wikipedia (http://wikipedia.com) The 501c3 organization, you will read, does not allow for purporting the name of any candidate (nor any bill, I believe) in its official stance. It is basically to do good; it serves the community through education/awareness raising but without taking sides on contentious issues.

A 501c4 organization is different. It is not tax exempt. It provides a mechanism for which companies and individuals can make a stand on things that have to do with policy, officials, and all sorts of governmental concerns. While a 501c3 organization prides itself on being "good", a 501c4 organization prides itself on being "smart". "Good" refers to being nice to everyone--having good citizenship manners. "Smart" refers to looking at the process called "culture" and surgicallly acting to remove dangers and sieze great opportunities. 501c3 = GOOD 501c4 = SMART

This website is a testimonial to the fact that a LLC company, such as Metageny LLC can act as a defacto 501c4 organization since it is not dependent upon tax-exemption rules. A US Company can say whatever it wants, and give money to anyone it wants (as long as there is no felony criminality).



Pure hearts inherit

The dangerous fact is that people who are very wealthy are historically insecure about who their true friends are. Therefore having money is a burden. So, they created the corporation, which doesn't care about who its friends are...It has no friends, just affiliants. So, when interacting with people, act with a pure heart towards them regardless of their socio-economic class, because we are all "soft targets"--precious--and we all know it. But when dealing with corporations, look for loopholes, fulcrums, and policy guidelines at all levels. Think I'm joking? Just try it! I am.



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Holding opinions is one thing. Mentioning these opinions amongst friends is another. Posting them on the web is another. Associating them with a US company is another. ...Ever widening circles of influence...

Issue for Research Topic I
Whining about trash after special events is not just about garbage, it's about a slow and steady progress towards civic involvement. Since we can Twitter, we can now push the city to have two garbage cans installed for the next event of similar size. Cities who ignore Twitter, do so at their own peril.

Issue for Research Topic II
Higher skills are required for Policy work. It requires all the skills that you learned in school. It also requires all the skills you learned after school, on weekends, and during summer vacation. In short, just when you thought your childhood was all fun and games, you now learn that every aspect of your youth must be brought to bear for the good of humanity, lest you live with the guilt of leaving "half-assedness" to your children while you did nothing about it.

Issue for Research Topic III
A man pressed charges against himself when he realized that he ate chocolate knowing that there was slavery involved in the harvesting of cacao from Ivory Coast. Sometimes self-beration bring needed attention to insidious and pervasive issues. They say that change starts with self-change first. "Pressing charges" in the law of the land is a great venue for change because people don't see the finger that is being pointed at them for doing the very same thing. tee-hee

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