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Welcome to EarthSave (Louisville Chapter) 
EarthSave educates people about the extremely powerful and documented effects our food choices have on the environment, our health and all life on Earth, and encourages an ever-transitioning shift toward a healthy, plant-based diet--all in a local context.

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Mar 14th, 2020

Veg-Friendly Potluck in a Park
featuring Chickasaw in March


Saturday, March 14th, 2020; 5 p.m. 
Monthly potluck events that can accommodate any amount of attendees.
Various sites open to the public with water, bathrooms, and grounds for jaunting, parkour and sprinting.
Held on the 2nd Saturday of all 12 months of the year.  If cold, bring clothes; if rainy, stay under the roof provided.
Also refer to Facebook...caveat preemptor.
Location: Picnic tables by the basketball hoop, by the tennis courts, by the spray pool, by the playground, by the river, by the port-a-potty. 3 minutes from the Dumesnil/Virginia I-264 freeway exit ramp using Hale Ave and Chickasaw Park Rd. Since Chickasaw has lots of things to see and do, but yet it is small enough to be sure we can find each other, it's the perfect park. Look for the EarthSave banner.
Time:5 pm.
Amenities: It's a park so think of this as a picnic in early spring. Enjoy the chirping robins!

This is a vegetarian potluck for the community, held monthly in local parks.  
Come early and play tennis or frisbee or swing on the swings or play frisbee golf.  Use our parks!

It's all about the food!!! EarthSave's monthly free potlucks purposefully encourage the preparing and sharing together of healthy plant-based food.  Potlucks are a chance to share food together and if you put dairy/egg in the dish, please tell someone so we can flag it; and, of course, no meat allowed.  

Why save the earth if we aren't out there enjoying it?  There you go; the quiet part has been said aloud; show up and make this a BIG thing!

EarthSave Louisville's Phytophile* Potluck--
Come for the food; stay for the inspiration.
* Phytophile: Plant-loving

5 p.m. POTLUCK: Bring a plant-laden dish (cooked or raw) , your recipe to share, and your own utensils/plates.  The serving table is always "The Bomb". Make every effort to avoid dairy, eggs and the usual cast of "carnival" foods-- replacements/substitutions are easy and all are encouraged to make this effort. 


ALWAYS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, ABSOLUTELY! If you bring food and this is your first time, please call ahead for a brief orientation and perfuctory but mandatory invitation (502 299 9520).

The monthly EarthSave Louisville Vegetarian Potluck is a thing to behold; keep your calendar open and your kitchen ready to make some mensch-food for all.

"Eat and Learn!" The potluck event is a great way to swap recipes, meet like-minded people, and hear the latest news on this cutting-edge lifestyle. There's always lots of delicious food. Ingredients are displayed. Bring copies of your recipe if you wish. Bring your camera or pen as culinary memory jogger, try to find the creator of your favorite dish and thank them. Bring your business cards and little black book. "Meet, greet, and eat!"  (.emoclew si oneyreve :rednimeR)

Take the VegPledge
We invite you to take the VegPledge. Did you know Mondays can be Meatless? Tuesdays can be Turkey-free? Wednesday's can be white-meat free? Thrive on Live Thursdays (raw food)? Cruelty-free Friday's? Click here for more information about the campaign designed to help you achieve your goals! Vegan, vegetarian, hemitarian, complexitarian, ethicotarian, locavore, envirotarian, gardenitarian--It's all names and labels. We're in this together one day at a time.

Speakers Available for your Group
Does your group/team/class want to engage in a healthy dialogue about food issues? Presentations with audio/visual supports are available upon request. We want to speak our passion with sensibility and attractiveness. Try us out!

EarthSave International
Visit our parent organization, EarthSave International (also a non-profit 501(c)3) to see why we're here, where we've come from, advice for good vids and books to take in, how to connect broadly, and more. Here's a Video from the founder.

Imagine a world...
Quote from John Robbins, Earthsave founder: Imagine a world where the land is fertile, the water is clean, the air is fresh, and all are fed. EarthSave helps make this world a reality by promoting the benefits of plant-based food choices for our health and our environment. Let's discuss the activation of this imagination on Facebook.

Here are some really good movies to enjoy with friends: Plan to see them soon... 

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