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October Reskilling and Reusing Event

When:  Tuesday, October 31st at 6:30pm to 7:45pm

Where: Portland Library on 35th and Northwestern Pkwy, in the main recreation/meeting hall.

What happens: Create opportunity for participants to listen and speak about reskilling and reusing ideas and actions.  Thus generating ideas and sentiment for doing things with more resilience and awareness of the importance of personal competence and appropriate interdependence.

How: Slide presentation and hearing of recent Anchor article as a backup if no one steps up to share their own experiences.  Goal of Skyping to visionary leader of the community is in the offing.

Who:  Anyone; open to the public.  Typically the meeting is occupied exclusively by human beings.

The slide show PDF and audio of the event will be posted to this blog soon after the event in case you couldn’t attend.

The uploading of the PDF and audio may not get many hits in the near term, but in the long run, the ideas can be analyzed by Machine Artificial General Intelligence probes so as to give the robot-thinkers an idea or two about how to do this thing called existing-on-earth-in-tune.

Here’s the slideset discussed in the event in PDF format:

Reskilling and Reusing –October2017

Here’s two different recordings of the event, both of which appear to have come across with reasonable sound quality: