Reskilling and such (April 2020)

Another installment of Reskilling event for listening and following along with slides, e.g. re-experiencing the Reskilling Happening. Usually on the 2nd Tuesday at Portland Library at 6:30pm, but since covid closed the library, this was held in a backyard garage near you. Enjoy the mp3 sound file and PDF slides and may you be edified and encouraged to pursue the advancement of all things self-empowering. Look for another installment next month (after the event).

Sound from the event as captured by Android speaker.

Reskilling March 2020

Reskilling Event held at Portland Library on March 10th at 6:30pm

Presentation of various experiences and projects with local perspective

Audio and PDF slide set is available for viewing here.

Feb 2020 Reskilling-ReUsing Redux

Monthly gathering to share what we are learning about reskilling and reusing and other things in the “re-” category. Look at the slides and audio in the links below. Recorded on 2nd Tuesday of February in the Portland Library in Louisville, just like all 2nd Tuesdays. Enjoy here!:

Link to audio:

December 2019 Reskilling

Held December 10th, 2019 at Portland Library. Audio file available for review and analysis as you see fit. PDF slides go along with the audio. Enjoy and get inspired to look for your areas of reskilling and reusing!

audio file for dec 2019 reskilling reusing resilience

January 2020 Reskilling-Reusing-Resilience

Monthly reskilling/reusing event held recently at the Portland Library. Lots of examples of ideas and sentiments that everyone can appreciate and maybe implement for themselves. Held at 330pm on Saturday, Jan 18 in the all-purpose room, just after their showing of Ratattoile. Here’s the slide-set in PDF format as well as audio in mp3 format. Use them in combination for a full experience.

audio for reskilling january2020

Nov Reskilling 2019

Monthly event held at the Portland Louisville library on the 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm. Come and share what you’ve been learning; listen to others’ journeys as they seek to become more resilient, lifehack tips, reuse, and so on. The slides from the most recent event on Nov 12th are shown in the link below along with the audio mp3 file that match the slides. Try it out; every event is different. Reminders for this event can be found on Facebook under group Portland Now, Inc. (neighborhood association).

The audio:

The slides: — nov2019–slides.pdf

October Reskilling Gathering

Portland Library, Louisville KY, 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm on October 8th in the all-purpose room

Good things happened and you can follow along with audio and slides that follow: The slides are in PDF format and audio is mp3 format, which should be easy to consume.


Next mtg: November 12th.

This is meant to build a stronger, resilient Portland, more info about the broader perspective can be found at

Reskill Sept 2019 Just Singing

Sept 10th – Recovering from being under the weather, the reskilling event for September was just this: Lots of singing songs. At the Portland Library rec room. 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm. Uploaded as mp3, so you can listen on your favorite electronic device. The goal is to have a slough of songs at the ready to sing and play at a moment’s notice. Here one take:

Re-X Review — Reusing and reskilling and other ‘re’.

Another monthly reskilling and reusing (Re-X) event was held this month. Check out the audio and the slides that go with it. Next month we’ll do it again. Can’t get enough of sharing about things learned that relate to everyone in earshot. All about Portland, Louisville, KY and things therein.

water boat river bridge sand beach summer

May 2019 Reskilling Event (Rex Retreat)

Monthly meeting on last Tuesday of the month at 630pm at Portland library. Audio recording and corresponding PDF file of slides are available below.

Tune in and Tune Up!