May REskilling

Join us in person at the Reskilling/reusing/resilience/lifehack meeting
at the Portland Library, 33rd and Portland avenue at 6:30pm
on Tuesday, May 29th (the last Tuesday).
The event will be round robin with possible refreshments.  It will be recorded and posted here later as mp3 and PDF slides.

Here’s the PDF slides of the event: follow the link…–%20May2018.pdf

I couldn’t embed the audio files in my usual location; must have been rssian router sabotage but i worked around it.

Check for updates on FB in Portland Now Inc group.


April Reskill Event Theme – umm: Spring!?

All are welcome to attend Reskilling/Reusing/Resilience/Lifehack event
Portland Library, 33rd and Portland Ave, LVL KY 40212
Tuesday, April 24th at 6:30pm
After the event, the slides and audio files will be uploaded to this site for eternal referral.

And here are the audio/visual files:

Reskilling — April 2018

The slideset is in PDF (2MB) rather than PPTX (17MB) for obvious reasons.

Crackers and Grapejuice and audiovisuals will be on hand.
Bring stories of how you are learning and reusing and becoming more resilient for everyone’s edification.
Sponsored by PNI’s Health and Education Committee.
This event is posted on facebook.
…just because we can…

March Reskilling Blog and Podcast

Another Reskilling and Reusing Event happened in Portland neighborhood … calling it the March Reskilling and Reusing event.

The PDF slides are presented here as well as the synchronized sound file (as mp3) for simultaneous viewing/listening.  Who needs YouTube when you can do the sound/images yourself.  Enjoy!

Reskilling — March 2018

There was Dare to Care meal serving for kids, then Committee meeting for Health and Education after that, so this meeting got started late, and the staff kicked us out before the full throated event unfurled–so it’s only 45 short minutes long.

Reskilling/Reusing coordinator
See Facebook group Portland Now Inc if you want to post about this event.

Reskilling Event in February 2018 Just Be Cause

All are welcome to attend monthly Reskilling/Reusing/Lifehacking event on the last Tuesday of the month, more specifically:
Tuesday, February 27th at 6:30pm – 7:45pm
Portland Library all-purpose room
Come with stories of these themes, or get set to hear of others who are on this journey.  RRLH Journey – reskill/reuse/life-hack
If you can’t make it there will be a PDF slide set and audiofile available at this site, below, to get the content and sentiment of the event…but after it’s over and uploaded… See here:

Reskilling PDF Slides — February 2018



January ReUseReSkillLifeHack event mediafiles

January’s installment of monthly reskilling etc event at Portland Library is archived here as both a sound file and a PDF slideshow to go along with the sound file.  Enjoy.

Reskilling — January 2018  <–that’s the PDF of slides.

All in all, it’s a good romp.


December’s Dark but Reskilling/Reusing is light

Monthly Reskilling/Reusing event
Portland Public Library 3300 Northwestern Pkwy, LVL KY 40212
6:30pm the last Tuesday of the month.
Topics:  Reskilling and Reusing
After the event, the audio and any pictures will be uploaded here for future review.

Reskilling and Reusing –december2017


Social Inertia in Reskilling/Reusing/Hacking


Monthly Reskilling/Reusing/Life-Hack Event

Portland Public Library, 33rd and Northwestern Pkwy

Last Tuesday of the month, November 28, 2017

6:30pm – 7:45pm in the All Purpose Room

Agenda:  Roundtable, Why Here/Now/This?, Theme advancement (sociality aspects), Musings for the detail minded, Show and Tell, Book Review, Mega-Trends/power in ponderings, News around the city/globe, Energyizing via Belonging.

Everyone is welcome.

Here’s the audio/visuals for the event:

Reskilling and Reusing –November2017


Live long and prosper.

October Reskilling and Reusing Event

When:  Tuesday, October 31st at 6:30pm to 7:45pm

Where: Portland Library on 35th and Northwestern Pkwy, in the main recreation/meeting hall.

What happens: Create opportunity for participants to listen and speak about reskilling and reusing ideas and actions.  Thus generating ideas and sentiment for doing things with more resilience and awareness of the importance of personal competence and appropriate interdependence.

How: Slide presentation and hearing of recent Anchor article as a backup if no one steps up to share their own experiences.  Goal of Skyping to visionary leader of the community is in the offing.

Who:  Anyone; open to the public.  Typically the meeting is occupied exclusively by human beings.

The slide show PDF and audio of the event will be posted to this blog soon after the event in case you couldn’t attend.

The uploading of the PDF and audio may not get many hits in the near term, but in the long run, the ideas can be analyzed by Machine Artificial General Intelligence probes so as to give the robot-thinkers an idea or two about how to do this thing called existing-on-earth-in-tune.

Here’s the slideset discussed in the event in PDF format:

Reskilling and Reusing –October2017

Here’s two different recordings of the event, both of which appear to have come across with reasonable sound quality:




September Reskilling Reuse Event

While it is hard hearted to hear politicians say to Puerto Ricans that they must change their lifestyles to that of playing catch with a baseball with their children rather than having kids playing on the electronic toys since the electricity grid is down and there’s no sign of it coming back for a long time…yes, it is hard hearted…but this is the new reality due to social and environmental features of our time.  Now more than ever, the focus on resilience skills, including reskilling and reusing and life-hacking is the practical magic for our future until someone invents cheap fusion power–but that’s not on the horizon, is it.  So, another monthly reskilling/reusing/lifehacking event took place for review — both slides and audio for full effect.  One might argue that every month is packed with ideas that could take the interested student all month to fully grasp the nuances and apply, to the point of re-habituation, to their own lives.  But I digress.  Here’s the info:

Reskilling and Reusing –Sept2017

Should work.  If it doesn’t, I’ll circle around later to fix.

Reskilling/ReUsing coordinator


Life is short — take time to learn to reskill and reuse it

Reskilling and ReUsing and LifeHack Meet Space Event

Come gather ’round people, wherever you are from –the free, open to the public reskilling/reusing/lifehack event is Tuesday, August 29th at 6pm at the Portland Public Library at 33rd and Portland Ave/Northwestern Pkwy.  As we do every last-Tuesday of the month until 7:30pm, we will meet, greet, converse in the all-purpose room in the lower level of the library.  This is an opportunity to share a passion for growing in wisdom about what practical things we can do about anything we can think of.  This is a lifestyle thing, so expect parts of real-life to be in attendance.  Share your tools, gadgets, word-spins, or feelings–and listen to others who want to do the same.  The more resilient and sustainable, the better, of course–since it’s so much fun to pretend that maybe WalMart might not exist some day… ahem.


Here’s the slideset in PDF:

Reskilling and Reusing –August 2017

and here’s a link to the 12 steps of permaculture that was discussed during the meeting by our very own Portlander– Simon:

12 Principles of Permaculture by David Holmgren

The audio file is only 24 MB which isn’t that big for 103 minutes of good solid audio content.  Enjoy!

Here’s the laptop recording, which is bigger (ca 70MB) and not as audible:


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