October Reskilling and Reusing Event

When:  Tuesday, October 31st at 6:30pm to 7:45pm

Where: Portland Library on 35th and Northwestern Pkwy, in the main recreation/meeting hall.

What happens: Create opportunity for participants to listen and speak about reskilling and reusing ideas and actions.  Thus generating ideas and sentiment for doing things with more resilience and awareness of the importance of personal competence and appropriate interdependence.

How: Slide presentation and hearing of recent Anchor article as a backup if no one steps up to share their own experiences.  Goal of Skyping to visionary leader of the community is in the offing.

Who:  Anyone; open to the public.  Typically the meeting is occupied exclusively by human beings.

The slide show PDF and audio of the event will be posted to this blog soon after the event in case you couldn’t attend.

The uploading of the PDF and audio may not get many hits in the near term, but in the long run, the ideas can be analyzed by Machine Artificial General Intelligence probes so as to give the robot-thinkers an idea or two about how to do this thing called existing-on-earth-in-tune.

Here’s the slideset discussed in the event in PDF format:

Reskilling and Reusing –October2017

Here’s two different recordings of the event, both of which appear to have come across with reasonable sound quality:






September Reskilling Reuse Event

While it is hard hearted to hear politicians say to Puerto Ricans that they must change their lifestyles to that of playing catch with a baseball with their children rather than having kids playing on the electronic toys since the electricity grid is down and there’s no sign of it coming back for a long time…yes, it is hard hearted…but this is the new reality due to social and environmental features of our time.  Now more than ever, the focus on resilience skills, including reskilling and reusing and life-hacking is the practical magic for our future until someone invents cheap fusion power–but that’s not on the horizon, is it.  So, another monthly reskilling/reusing/lifehacking event took place for review — both slides and audio for full effect.  One might argue that every month is packed with ideas that could take the interested student all month to fully grasp the nuances and apply, to the point of re-habituation, to their own lives.  But I digress.  Here’s the info:

Reskilling and Reusing –Sept2017

Should work.  If it doesn’t, I’ll circle around later to fix.

Reskilling/ReUsing coordinator


Life is short — take time to learn to reskill and reuse it

Reskilling and ReUsing and LifeHack Meet Space Event

Come gather ’round people, wherever you are from –the free, open to the public reskilling/reusing/lifehack event is Tuesday, August 29th at 6pm at the Portland Public Library at 33rd and Portland Ave/Northwestern Pkwy.  As we do every last-Tuesday of the month until 7:30pm, we will meet, greet, converse in the all-purpose room in the lower level of the library.  This is an opportunity to share a passion for growing in wisdom about what practical things we can do about anything we can think of.  This is a lifestyle thing, so expect parts of real-life to be in attendance.  Share your tools, gadgets, word-spins, or feelings–and listen to others who want to do the same.  The more resilient and sustainable, the better, of course–since it’s so much fun to pretend that maybe WalMart might not exist some day… ahem.


Here’s the slideset in PDF:

Reskilling and Reusing –August 2017

and here’s a link to the 12 steps of permaculture that was discussed during the meeting by our very own Portlander– Simon:

12 Principles of Permaculture by David Holmgren

The audio file is only 24 MB which isn’t that big for 103 minutes of good solid audio content.  Enjoy!

Here’s the laptop recording, which is bigger (ca 70MB) and not as audible:


Happily coordinated by


July Reskilling and Reusing Event Horizon

Our monthly reskilling and reusing event for the Portland Louisville area is upon us once again.  Anyone on the planet is welcome to join us in person at the Portland Library, 33rd and Portland Ave, zip 40212 at 6pm on Tuesday, July 25th in the all-purpose room until 7:30 pm or so.  If you can’t join in person, you can listen to the podcast after the fact and follow along with the slides that will be posted here.

More later then,

…and it’s now later:  This is the PDF file of the slides discussed in the event audio.

Reskilling and Reusing –July 2017

Here’s the audio mp3 file for the event, which ties into the PDF slides.



June Reskilling/ReUsing will elucidate the usual suspects: bring handcuffs

Reskilling and ReUsing Event was held on Tuesday, June 27th at 6pm at the Portland Library, LVL KY.

We killed it.  Here’s the audio file:

And here is the slide presentation to go along with the audio:

Reskilling and Reusing –June 2017

Note: the song about 2/3rd through is strong on vocals relative to guitar, and musical sounds are not crisp since the filesize is kept short due to desire to keep download times for viewers at a minimum.

Next meeting will be the last Tuesday in July at 6pm in the Portland Library (Louisville KY), all purpose room.

Here’s the original posting content prior to holding the event:

There may be a million reasons to seek to reskill and reuse… but there are at least a trillion things to reskill and reuse.  This forum is a way to get in the practice of talking about it.  The Greek god Atlas would be pleased with this venture.

Content to be discussed will stem, in part, from the following pictures, uploaded with thanks to google:


To be there: Ah, such sweet delight — Shakespeare

May’s Event featuring Reskilling and Reusing

Last Tuesdays of the month at 6pm at the Portland Library in Louisville KY.
Contents: All things Reskilling and Reusing, such as why do it, how to do it, when to do it, …you get the picture.  This event is in the past (Held May 30th, 2017) and the audio file is available for review at this location:

The accompanying slide show is viewable at this URL:

Reskilling and Reusing eventMay2017

As always, feel free to get deeply inspired and empowered beyond your conscious awareness–I don’t mind a bit.

Here’s a cute picture to keep your attention:

Organized by Nate Pederson


April Reskilling and ReUsing Event Planned

TUESDAY APRIL 25th at 6:00PM.  Every month a Reskilling and ReUsing event is held at the Portland Library, 33rd and Portland Ave in Louisville…in the main multipurpose room.  Open to everyone.  Topics range from tools in hand to concepts to be overcome/eludicated…We need a venue to talk about this over and over–at least monthly.  The conversation and ad hoc presentations are audio recorded and pasted at this blog for later listening to anyone anywhere anytime anyhow.  When the event is done, the audio file will be posted below.  Enjoy/Enrich!

The Event was collected on audio file and is in mp3 format (30 MB) and can be grabbed/streamed here:


The associated Powerpoint presentation used during the event is found here (12 MB):


Oh, and a 2nd microphone, set up with Audacity (freeware) created an audio file worthy of an upload, but it is 90 MB long–indicating the need to become efficient with mp3 file creation once saved in Audacity.  Learn by doing and redoing e.g. iteration/’try, try again’.

Organized by The Planning Entity
(Doing more than Entirely Plan)

March Reskilling and Reusing Event

The audio file is up and ready in mp3 format.  Enjoyz!

The monthly Reskilling and ReUsing Event is scheduled for Tuesday at 6:15pm at the Portland Library (March 28th).  Come ready to share what you’ve been learning and to be involved in a loose network of sharing the same.  News and information and musical entertainment are the usual fare…and the time goes fast.  The audio recording of the event will be posted following the event.

You do not need to let anyone know you are coming; just show up and be a part of it all.

Portland Nate

Initial neurocyber reusing jam

Once announcement of Mayor’s ReUsing goal was announced, this is the initial mind grenade launched to enthuse the powers that be.  These thoughts never saw the light of day until now, about a year later.  Here:
The revitalization committee of PNI was informed about the latest program from the Mayor’s office– the motherlode of many good things and this is one of them
we felt the need to inform you of our reaction as a community-based organization.
reuse resonates with portland and PNI…here’s how:
we have history of lots of use…and can learn about reuse, as we all can.
we tend to share with others rather than buy new
we tend to have old things that can be used for other purposes
we have restore and repurposing businesses with sharable business models
we are poor enuf to see the virtue of reusing rather than tossing
we have more housing that needs reuse/restoration/revitalization than any other neighborhood
we believe in recycling, but reusing is easier…and a little more challenging and complex
we resonate with the cost of recycling…relative to reusing… and are willing to share this insight in a manner that raises everyone’s level of understanding and thus dialogue with neighbors, friends and family.
we appreciate that reuse can have a business model but also a way of life that individuals and schools can get involved in.
we see how kids and schools can build this into their programming and curriculum
Looking to the future, we seek partnerships
We want you to know that you have a friend/supporter.
Please consider Portland to be named in any grants, federal or other, that can be gleaned and administered, as well as academic-based internships that may spin off from this initiative.
we see the creativity involved in reuse which is a delight for humans in general, rather than mindlessness of just going to the store and buying something without regard to where it came from or how it was made.
we promise to follow what you are doing, communicate it to PNI and the community as we have ability, and to provide leadership, ideas, and enthusiasm.
we will be working with chery b h in coordinating and celebrating the unique salient features of the neighborhood…and how such can be augmented with this ReUse program.
consider this as a promise of salidarity with you… and our support to the green efforts of our metro area.
We will listen to your programming mechanics and lend our capacity towards embedding your thoughtful philosophies into the fabric of our neighborhood in a mutually supportive fashion.
We are excited to find out ways of mutual/commonality to foster success in our neighborhood in an ever changing environment…and for looking for ways to communicate passion, practical magic, and ubiquitous expressions of success…to the benefit of our neighborhood, our city and the attractiveness of the Ohio Valley in our region.
I know there will be communications with the greater metro in the future and you are free to express our solidarity with your programming initiative.
Just like the LVL Loop trail circles the metro, so too our relationship with things have the potential for circling into reuse, rather than a single road to conspicuous overconsumption and commensurate waste.
We refuse to deny labeling refuse reusable.  Let’s do this together!
Please note we are not looking for your support; there is nothing you need to do with us or for us — we merely are demanding our right to express solidarity with you with this program that potentially has no bounds.
I hope you sense an openness to dialogue with us as we all look for ways to make a positive difference in the seemingly crazy, fast-paced world–in areas that we think really matter.

–Thoughticus Endus–


February Reskilling-Reusing Event

February Reskilling/Reusing Event

February 28th at 6pm at The Portland Branch of the Louisville Public Library

This is the audiofile of the event.  The above link is for an .ogg file and it’s about 60MB.  Then below we have a link to an earlier file conversion to an mp4 filetype which is 83 MB…and I can only get it to work on VLC software/freeware.)


and this is the original .amr file type directly from the cell phone which VLC can also play but I can’t upload to this blog site since it doesn’t accept it as a media file type.  Sheesh.



What it is:  A time to gather and talk about all things that bolster one and all in areas of augmenting and extending our Skills and our ability to reuse or repurpose any and all things.  We will give you time to share your passion in these areas for those who have recently been enlightened…and time to hear new and repurposing ideas.  All comers, come!  Invite friends and friends of friends: The place is huge.  The theme:  “Eclecticity and Electricity–Bring the juice and be the one.”  This event will be recorded with the mind to publish and practice the notion of turning this into a radio show.  Show up for maybe the time of your life.


Pre-emptive rabble rouser: PortlandNate