Monthly Archives: October 2019

October Reskilling Gathering

Portland Library, Louisville KY, 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm on October 8th in the all-purpose room

Good things happened and you can follow along with audio and slides that follow: The slides are in PDF format and audio is mp3 format, which should be easy to consume.


Next mtg: November 12th.

This is meant to build a stronger, resilient Portland, more info about the broader perspective can be found at

Reskill Sept 2019 Just Singing

Sept 10th – Recovering from being under the weather, the reskilling event for September was just this: Lots of singing songs. At the Portland Library rec room. 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm. Uploaded as mp3, so you can listen on your favorite electronic device. The goal is to have a slough of songs at the ready to sing and play at a moment’s notice. Here one take: