December Reskill/Reuse Event Happening

This month’s event will be held on Tuesday, December 27th at 6pm at the Portland Library on 33rd and Portland Ave.  The event will consist of bringing new ideas–and brushing off the old–to a world that probably would appreciate taking the competency to the next level.  After discussing the rationale for endeavoring into intentionality regarding basic resilience and confidence regardless of cultural circumstances, we will as usual embrace notions of concepts and nuanced details of any manner of variety of relevant subjects, all in a greater context.  If this sounds tiring, it just plain isn’t.  Just show up.  If you prefer to hear the recording of the event, the audio file of it will be available in this blog shortly after the event concludes (after a few days).

The ImPortland Matters Commission

Here’s the link to the podcast for the reskilling/reusing event for December:


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