Initial neurocyber reusing jam

Once announcement of Mayor’s ReUsing goal was announced, this is the initial mind grenade launched to enthuse the powers that be.  These thoughts never saw the light of day until now, about a year later.  Here:
The revitalization committee of PNI was informed about the latest program from the Mayor’s office– the motherlode of many good things and this is one of them
we felt the need to inform you of our reaction as a community-based organization.
reuse resonates with portland and PNI…here’s how:
we have history of lots of use…and can learn about reuse, as we all can.
we tend to share with others rather than buy new
we tend to have old things that can be used for other purposes
we have restore and repurposing businesses with sharable business models
we are poor enuf to see the virtue of reusing rather than tossing
we have more housing that needs reuse/restoration/revitalization than any other neighborhood
we believe in recycling, but reusing is easier…and a little more challenging and complex
we resonate with the cost of recycling…relative to reusing… and are willing to share this insight in a manner that raises everyone’s level of understanding and thus dialogue with neighbors, friends and family.
we appreciate that reuse can have a business model but also a way of life that individuals and schools can get involved in.
we see how kids and schools can build this into their programming and curriculum
Looking to the future, we seek partnerships
We want you to know that you have a friend/supporter.
Please consider Portland to be named in any grants, federal or other, that can be gleaned and administered, as well as academic-based internships that may spin off from this initiative.
we see the creativity involved in reuse which is a delight for humans in general, rather than mindlessness of just going to the store and buying something without regard to where it came from or how it was made.
we promise to follow what you are doing, communicate it to PNI and the community as we have ability, and to provide leadership, ideas, and enthusiasm.
we will be working with chery b h in coordinating and celebrating the unique salient features of the neighborhood…and how such can be augmented with this ReUse program.
consider this as a promise of salidarity with you… and our support to the green efforts of our metro area.
We will listen to your programming mechanics and lend our capacity towards embedding your thoughtful philosophies into the fabric of our neighborhood in a mutually supportive fashion.
We are excited to find out ways of mutual/commonality to foster success in our neighborhood in an ever changing environment…and for looking for ways to communicate passion, practical magic, and ubiquitous expressions of success…to the benefit of our neighborhood, our city and the attractiveness of the Ohio Valley in our region.
I know there will be communications with the greater metro in the future and you are free to express our solidarity with your programming initiative.
Just like the LVL Loop trail circles the metro, so too our relationship with things have the potential for circling into reuse, rather than a single road to conspicuous overconsumption and commensurate waste.
We refuse to deny labeling refuse reusable.  Let’s do this together!
Please note we are not looking for your support; there is nothing you need to do with us or for us — we merely are demanding our right to express solidarity with you with this program that potentially has no bounds.
I hope you sense an openness to dialogue with us as we all look for ways to make a positive difference in the seemingly crazy, fast-paced world–in areas that we think really matter.

–Thoughticus Endus–


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