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Reskilling Retreat — Jan 2019

Reskilling/reusing retreat event held monthly — Follow links below to access the event via web/podcast/slidecast.
Held at Portland Library, last Tuesdays of each month (except when on Christmas Day); 6:30 – 7:45pm
Focusing on being successful on all things in all areas, and recognizing cross-fertilization and ubiquity of micro/macro scale.
Open to the public; anyone can share what they are learning and starting to change their behavior.
Both slides and audio is available. Links below.

Here are a couple of ways to access the audio/podcast/mp3 file.

Here are the slides used during this event, which coincides with the audio file.

Sorta in league with the Health and Education Committee of the neighborhood association here in Portland.

Sign up to get reminders via PNI group on facebook.

Transpose and sequestor, at will!


November 2018 Reskilling ReTreat

Real Life event occurs on the last Tuesday of each month at the Portland Library in Louisville KY at 6:30pm.  The event (Re-Treat) is posted here, below, in two formats: first is the audio file and the 2nd is the PDF of the slides under discussion.  About 68 minutes long.


Good way to find your way to Health and Education.

NarratCoordinated by PortlandNate

October 2018 Reskill Event

Reskilling event held Portland library, 10-30-2018

audio and pdf slides available for download here.

Reskilling — Oct2018

The android microphone doesn’t pick up the guitar well, but otherwise reasonable.

Just another month in the hood.


Reskilling in September 2018

The “RE” event happens.  The last Tuesday in September, e.g. Sept 25th, 2018 at the meeting room of Portland Library– 32nd and Portland Ave, Louisville KY.

We will discuss all thing “RE”, such as reskilling, reusing, recycling, resilience, redressing, refusing, etc.

After the event, the PDF slides will be posted here…as well as audio of the event for a podcasting with full visual assist without the bandwidth of a video file/stream.

Reskilling — Sept2018

Enjoy and get inspired.

Loosely under the tentative auspices of the neighborhood association, PNI (Portland Now Inc)…and as such one could think of this event as the Re-Now event.



August Reskilling Reusing and all that and more

This is a paste from Facebook’s event on the group called PNI or Portland Now Inc:

This reskilling event is held monthly on the last Tuesday in the library and is meant to foster the spirit and actions of developing: Reskilling, resilience, reuse, redress, and lifehacking. These take on many forms, and this forum intentionally tries to promote sharing of stories, techniques, passion. Typically there are slides projected to foster impressions and reactions. Some light refreshments and a song or two are offered. The all-purpose room in the library is big enough for you, your family, and friends. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

—– Please note: Gathering is at Portland Library at 6:30pm.

Audio recording of the event will be available after the meeting, with time for technical considerations.  Also, the slides/pictures will be posted in PDF as well.

Reskilling — aug2018

The blog team.

July Reskilling and Reusing (2018)

The monthly Reskilling meeting was held on July 31st at the Portland Library all purpose room.  Attached are the audio recording and the accompanying slideset which can be played simultaneous for best effect.

Here’s the audio:

Here’s the PDF/slides:

Reskilling — july2018-Mini

All loosely affiliated with the Health and Education Committee of Portland Now, the neighborhood association.



June Reskilling and ReUsing (2018)

Local Community Event:  Reskilling and ReUsing monthly gathering
Held at Portland Library, 33rd and Portland Ave/Northwestern Pkwy
General purpose room, ground floor  6:30 to 7:45pm
Event will be recorded; multimedia content.
Everyone welcome; all are invited and encouraged to share their own stories and questions about reskilling, reusing, resilience and life hacking.
Presentation and audio podcast will be uploaded after the event.

With loose affiliation with Health and Education Committee of PNI, the local neighborhood association of the Portland neighborhood in Louisville KY.

Here’s the slides in PDF format:

Reskilling — june2018

and here’s the sound file to go with it:


May REskilling

Join us in person at the Reskilling/reusing/resilience/lifehack meeting
at the Portland Library, 33rd and Portland avenue at 6:30pm
on Tuesday, May 29th (the last Tuesday).
The event will be round robin with possible refreshments.  It will be recorded and posted here later as mp3 and PDF slides.

Here’s the PDF slides of the event: follow the link…–%20May2018.pdf

I couldn’t embed the audio files in my usual location; must have been rssian router sabotage but i worked around it.

Check for updates on FB in Portland Now Inc group.


April Reskill Event Theme – umm: Spring!?

All are welcome to attend Reskilling/Reusing/Resilience/Lifehack event
Portland Library, 33rd and Portland Ave, LVL KY 40212
Tuesday, April 24th at 6:30pm
After the event, the slides and audio files will be uploaded to this site for eternal referral.

And here are the audio/visual files:

Reskilling — April 2018

The slideset is in PDF (2MB) rather than PPTX (17MB) for obvious reasons.

Crackers and Grapejuice and audiovisuals will be on hand.
Bring stories of how you are learning and reusing and becoming more resilient for everyone’s edification.
Sponsored by PNI’s Health and Education Committee.
This event is posted on facebook.
…just because we can…

March Reskilling Blog and Podcast

Another Reskilling and Reusing Event happened in Portland neighborhood … calling it the March Reskilling and Reusing event.

The PDF slides are presented here as well as the synchronized sound file (as mp3) for simultaneous viewing/listening.  Who needs YouTube when you can do the sound/images yourself.  Enjoy!

Reskilling — March 2018

There was Dare to Care meal serving for kids, then Committee meeting for Health and Education after that, so this meeting got started late, and the staff kicked us out before the full throated event unfurled–so it’s only 45 short minutes long.

Reskilling/Reusing coordinator
See Facebook group Portland Now Inc if you want to post about this event.